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We build digital products from scratch, tailor them to the individual needs of our partners up to their market implementation by providing software development services and solutions.

Software Development Services

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Antasya is a software development company that brings together the best talented ingenious IT specialists under one roof. Build your own dedicated team of full-stack agile experts you can count and rely on. Antasya prioritises your needs and aims at your success.

Customised software development projects are of decisive importance for Antasya’s business blueprint. We aim to achieve your goals by taking into consideration your business field’s fundamentals as well as its pivotal features. We provide bespoke efficient end-to-end software development services ready to support you in conduction of business.     

Our mission is as follows, “Bring the most qualitative software in the most possibly efficient way, regardless of project peculiarities.”

Why is Antasya ingenious?

Globalization has made our world more technology-led than ever. Therefore, adopting and integrating technical solutions in our everyday life, creating competitive advantage and maintaining market leadership have come second nature to people all over the world. It goes without saying that the best way to guarantee business scalability is to adapt to the changes via customised software solutions development.

Development of customised software encompasses analysis, designing, developing, implementing and maintaining digital products and services with the help of engineers of high-level expertise.

In addition to standard and customised software solutions, Antasya provides start-ups and established entrepreneurs with a full-time experienced project or task team within the frame of dedicated team model. This will help you to perform in a cost-effective way without sacrificing your goals.

Back-end Development

To enable scalability of back-end applications and their flexible architecture, Antasya team uses microservices as a basis.  We use AWS and Azure to provide hosting to back-end applications; SQL and NoSQL are used for storing and retrieving data.

Front-end Development

While developing web applications for our partners we follow React.js, Angular, Vue.js libraries within the best SPA (Single Page Application) framework, which results in speeding up website performance, consequently, improving user experience.


We develop secure multi-tenant SaaS web solutions that allow you to expand the scope of your web application, therefore, to scale your business successfully, as it grows.

MVP Development

In order to test your new business models or ideas, we can develop MPV (Minimum Viable Product), which supports simple core features and functions of the business model within a project budget.

Mobile Responsive Web Apps

Antasya makes use of the latest technologies to develop high performance scalable customer-oriented mobile applications.  

Mobile Apps & Web Development

Bring your brilliant ideas with our thorough knowledge of smart software solutions together by combining our international experience with your inventive project.

Mobile App Development Insight

Antasya offers you a complete application cycle that incorporates the logic

and design processes, its digital integration and managed services. 

Mobile App Development Services

Antasya’s mobile app developers have years of experience in creating solutions that meet market’s need, strengthen brand identities of companies either start-ups or established ones and, ultimately, encourage business growth and customer loyalty. 

Native Mobile App

We develop high-quality native applications for both Android and iOS to tailor your business plan and ideas to customers’ needs with the help of ingeniously skilled tech-savvy mobile app developers.  

Hybrid Mobile App

By combining the strengths of native and web application technologies, we develop hybrid mobile applications that run successfully in different platforms.

Progressive Web App

Highly experienced web app developers of Antasya create native-like apps with a single code base that can be installed in any device.

Wearable & Embedded Software

Antasya experienced developers create utilities for wearable and embedded software and integrate them in everyday devices.

iOS App Development

Over the years we have required expertise in delivering full-fledged and scalable mobile applications including the following programming languages:  








Android App Development

Making the most of the latest technologies helps us to enable Android applications to be present on any modern device and platform.








Cross-platform App Development

Our app developers deliver world-class applications, which fit required operating systems, those mobile apps run successfully on numerous platforms. This is quite a convenient and practical alternative to minimize costs, reduce time to market without cutting corners or compromising quality and, finally, reach more users.

React Native


Native Script



UX/UI Design Services

Sophisticated User Interfaces & Experiences

UX/UI Design Team

Our skilled UX/UI design team provides interactive digital products for users to achieve their objectives in the best possible way.   

We deliver customer-centric UX/UI designs with meticulous care focusing on creating the best experience for our customers. Those interactive designs enable companies to build trust via brand identity and state-of-the-art applications.

Design-oriented engineering
for better software

Design-oriented engineering revolves around the users’ expectations and needs. The main goal here is to develop mobile applications on the basis of thorough analysis on how a user interacts with product design. This interactive attitude of engineering not only turns round customers, but also benefits from their experience and feedback.


Our well-chosen team of UI specialists, designers and developers work closely to make every application run smoothly either on iOS or on Android. Antasya remains at your disposal whether your company big or small from the very beginning till the stage of implementation.

UX/UI Design Process

Great Tools We Use for UX/UI Designs

We always use the latest up-to-date design tools, while creating graphic designs, which in its turn lead to up-to-date user-friendly mobile application designs of high quality. Those favoured UX/UI design tools are as follows:

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator




Quality Control Service (QA) & Software Testing

Stay informed about every tiny detail of your product’s lifecycle.

Quality Control Services enable creating products
of high quality and building powerful brands.

We benefit from software testing and quality control service phases on a regular basis to ensure that all services we provide meet high quality standards of a particular field. Our IT specialists will help you to establish tangible control over the lifecycle of your product, monitor every stage of development process and inform you about product’s quality.

We use state-of-the-art applications to guarantee our partners the best possible results. Regardless of size or complexity of your project, we are aimed to, first, understand and analyse your goals, second, provide you with a full-fledged product on time.

Is QA & Software testing necessary for every project?

The answer is that all projects regardless of their scope and complexity could benefit from QA and comprehensive software testing, as they provide exceptional UX design and data privacy. Besides, even if a back-end software undergoes particular changes, QA implementation specialists ensure that a front-end part of it remains unaltered.   

Applying full-range QA and testing outsourcing services throughout the entire software development cycle is important from the strategic perspective, because we detect all bugs and you get high quality solutions. 

Difference Between QA and Testing

Quality Control Service (QC) / Quality Assurance Service (QA) consists of a number of activities and procedures implemented throughout the entire product lifecycle to ensure that software development process adheres to quality criteria and meets the requirements of the customer.

Software testing, in its turn, involves different processes to determine quality, safety and adequate system operation. Those control services provide smooth and flawless functioning of the product, moreover, they predict and prevent potential troubleshooting issues. QA engineers define testing protocols; while testing specialists identify, detect and follow up a technical issue before the product is released.    

QA and Software Testing Services

As one of the best QA software testing company we aimed at developing customised solutions that support your business objectives and operational processes.

Automation Testing

We write customised scripts for automation testing to evaluate every step of the software development cycle. Automation testing is the most suitable and appropriate choice to enable faster feedback cycle and improved accuracy of the product.

Manual Testing

Manual testing refers to comprehensive software application testing (white box testing) performed by QA specialists from the user’s point of view in order to identify bugs, to explore other angles of the test with flexibility and to make the product more user-friendly.  

API Testing

API (Application Programming Interfaces testing) services are designed to ensure that application programming interfaces of your product meet all expectations related to functionality, reliability, performance and security. This service enables easy integration for? GUI (Graphical User Interface) and simultaneously reduces manual testing costs.

Web & Mobile QA

Discover our versatile web and mobile quality assurance solutions meant to tailor pre-eminent QA applications to your project development process. A sophisticated QA software is built upon the latest changes in mobile and web quality indicators.  

Safety Testing

The next step is safety testing aiming at optimizing system safety during design, development, use and maintenance steps to identify potential threats and vulnerable points. Safety testing makes it possible to create state-of-the-art risk modelling scenarios, options. It will determine roadmaps to accelerate your product.

Performance Testing

Maximize your software application’s user-friendliness and responsiveness under a certain workload by focusing on performance testing. Antasya is always with you to ensure that your application and servers have the highest level of performance regarding speed, responsive time, stability, reliability and scalability. 

QA Consulting & Analysis

Identify all weaknesses and strengths of QA development process with the help of Antasya’s quality control experts. They will guide you throughout all the processes and stages upon your request.   

Software Test Methodologies

Unit Testing

A unit testing refers to the very first level of testing to determine whether the units of source code fit for use. This step important because it ensures product functionality. Unit testing can be either manual or automated. The latter one brings about more beneficial results.

Integration Testing

Units might be also tested in a group by being combined and integrated into larger modules. This kind of testing is usually performed on behalf of a user by developers or by independent experts.

System Testing

System testing is indispensable to evaluate the system as a whole and to ensure that it is operating in accordance with the requirements. It includes end-to-end functionality testing and is performed by a dedicated team before the launch?

Usability Testing

Usability testing evaluates UX design of an application for a planned period of time from a user’s point of view in order to maximise software performance.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is a type of software testing that checks whether software is capable of running on different platforms, operating systems and environments.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is a final stage of validation procedure by double-checking whether the final product meets all predetermined criteria, specifications and, obviously, customer expectations. Skills and experience of QA professionals play an important part at this stage. It is highly recommended to include an end user in this testing process to get valuable feedback.


Ready to develop your software?

Antasya team can build your product from scratch or improve an existing one or focus on the part you have precisely selected. We offer software development services of world-class including analysis, design, development, testing, launch and deployment processes.

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We had a pleasure of working with them in December 2020. They not only met our needs, but exceeded our expectations by developing a complex software product from scratch to finish. We also benefitted from Antasya outsourcing software engineers’ expertise. They made the whole experience enjoyable. The level of engagement in our project was great. They we extremely committed to making a successful product for us and they did it. Looking forward to working together again.


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