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Building a software development team plays a decisive role in your successful digital transformation story. There is a global tendency even among the largest international organisations to outsource software engineers with a wide range of technical skills rather than hiring employees on a regular basis. Software outsourcing allows organisations to obtain finest software promptly and cost-effectively.


When it comes to application development services, within the project life cycle, at the heart of Antasya approach is a commitment to identify and overcome digital challenges of our customers within the project life cycle. Antasya offers a reliable and lucrative partnership including intelligent customisation, pre-developed platforms and end-to-end software solutions.


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There are three main project models available.

All of them are intended to improve the scope of your project and get proper results.

Expert Staff

Set challenges, track productivity by engaging with your dedicated team. Leverage our seniority level in software engineering, technical skills and high-quality coding expertise related to applications development. You can move towards digital transformation process right away.


You are free to build your dedicated team for a particular project regardless of the scope of it. An expert team may include but not limited to a project manager, software engineers, test engineers and other specialists defined by a specific project.


We offer product lifecycle management services and manage end-to-end product life cycle from the start to the end. Product life cycle encompasses several stages as conseptualisation, architecture design, writing front-end and back-end coding simultaneously, deployment and QA.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

We build digital products from scratch, tailor them to the individual needs of our partners up to their market implementation by providing software development services and solutions. We offer world-class bespoke software development services to meet your needs in every stage of the process as analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance. 

Outsourcing Benefits

  • having dedicated skilled software engineers within arm’s reach
  • optimising cost-effectiveness and quality of IT software operations
  • getting right digital solutions seamlessly
  • expediting business processes and mitigating risks inherent in your project
  • starting your project immediately
  • working with a trustworthy business partner and having transparent partnership


How can you decide on whether software outsourcing appropriate for business needs? Initially, project’s timeline and milestones ought to be considered; further, a company holder should analyse skills and resources to conduct skills audit to find out the gaps and weaknesses in a company and to analyse the risks associated with budget and workplace.


We enable organisations to reshape their future via state-of-the-art digital solutions and rapid innovation.

Software Outsourcing Services

Idea and Conceptualisation

We help business by assessing importance and effectiveness of the software project, determining its default features and smoothing rough edges to create more user-friendly experience. Your dedicated team assist you in deriving a business concept paying attention to your goals, vision and mission, target audience and, finally, competitors’ analysis.

UX Design

We ideate and create the digital design concepts for web and mobile applications applicable to all industries. Antasya as a team that delivers sufficient and lucrative software solutions including customer-focused UX design based on meaningful and relevant user experience.

Feasibility Study

To make your plan come true, we are ready to assist you from software product planning and designing to development and deployment. However, every successful product also brings uncertainties and risks, therefore, we take into consideration feasibility study outcomes, the proof of concept (PoC), prototype, usability testing to mitigate those risks and smooth out the edges. The team prepares and shares with you risk analysis and records every detail throughout the development process. All in all, our approach allows to predict and prevent any foreseeable risk in order to resolve a potential problem before it arises.


In the course of digital transformation Antasya offers professional consulting services paying attention to a transparent and assertive communication between you and your outsourcing team. On a regular basis or upon your request we hold on-site meetings as well as audio and video conferences and provide a comprehensive project status report. Moreover, we also can expand our consultancy services within the framework of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and PDLC (Product Development Lifecycle).

Software Architecture

We follow principles adapted for modern computing to create quality software. We excel in delivering efficient software solutions by means of the multi-paradigm approach, agile software development method including lean management regardless of the scope of the project.

Software Testing

We truly surpass ourselves, when it comes to software testing. Antasya has proven to be a trustworthy software development partner, first and foremost, because we take seriously all testing stages encompassing comprehensive quality control, feasibility study and traceability concept. Our team concentrates on preventive approach to eliminate errors, bugs by exploiting both manual and automated testing services. At the same time, you will never find us cutting corners or sacrificing quality. Therefore, our QA engineers provide reliable and vigorous software solutions.

Key Steps in Software Development Process

We focus on Agile software development methods and practices

as Agile Scrum and Agile Kanban.

Technologies We Use



Project Management

Mobile App Development




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We had a pleasure of working with them in December 2020. They not only met our needs, but exceeded our expectations by developing a complex software product from scratch to finish. We also benefitted from Antasya outsourcing software engineers’ expertise. They made the whole experience enjoyable. The level of engagement in our project was great. They we extremely committed to making a successful product for us and they did it. Looking forward to working together again.


Supply Chain Planning Consultant