Whether you're a junior technologist or a veteran software engineer,🚀
you will always be able not only to master your skills, but also to contribute to your professional advancement.

Our passion is people.

The only way to achieve great things is to work with great people, who really love their work. That’s why we invest in creating an ideal working environment by revealing opportunities for innovation, lifelong learning and diversity. Ready to create, impact and inspire?

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Lifelong Learners

We inspire each other to learn and encourage growth. Together we are able to create an innovative culture to embrace success in spite of different hurdles.

Fearless Explorers

We believe we can only achieve great things by exploring beyond our comfort zone and being intellectually curious.


We share our thoughts and work together to build a strong community in all areas.

Our Approach

Realise Your
True Power

Antasya is an equal opportunity employer. We expect team members to learn, develop and embrace innovation together.

Enjoy Workplace

A picturesque villa-office? Little paw friends? Positive atmosphere with the sense of innovation? Hybrid working style? Get more at Antasya!

Shape Future
at Antasya

We give our tech-savvy experts tasks that are aligned with their zones of genius, enabling them to unlock their potential for development within themselves.

Working at Antasya

The heart of Antasya dwells on care, respect and appreciation. We’ve prioritized well-being of our teams. Success followed rapidly.

shapes your career journey

Antasya helps you to develop and refine your ideas and draw up your future career plan sufficiently.

teaches and improves

Antasya accelerates your professional growth through the privileged trainings and courses it offers.

keeps you up to date

It allows you to adapt easily to an ever-changing digital age.

boosts your confidence

Healthy and respectful communication within Antasya is our core value that makes you more confident and improves your self-esteem.

offers a paw-some friendly atmosphere

Antasya is located in the picturesque though peaceful district called Levent. Our 3-floored detached office villa is surrounded by little paw friends, famous cats of Istanbul, who visit our garden every day as if to cure all our stress and keep our morale high.

adds a dynamic value

Antasya can be characterised by its dynamic life, which certainly can add a lot of vibrant colours to your life.

Life at Antasya

We believe in personal and professional growth.

It’s a place, where you can be yourself, be courageous and take the initiative. At the same time, we gain power from our teamwork by inspiring each other and speaking up. It drives better decisions and ideas.

We would like to hear yours as well!

We give you opportunity for YOU to open the door.

Grow professionally
and personally.

Influence growing brands and people’s career paths by your personal input. Use to good advantage global top-notch technology solutions, explore ideas and assess suggestions.

Speak up
and inspire.

Your open-mindedness, curiosity and desire for self-improvement are highly welcomed here. Join us today to write your own success story.

Dare to
dream big.

Have you ever dreamed about putting your creativity, digital mastery and software genius to work in collaboration with other like-minded colleagues? Join us and start making your impact today.

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Every project is
a new adventure for us.
Join us on this exciting journey.

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We had a pleasure of working with them in December 2020. They not only met our needs, but exceeded our expectations by developing a complex software product from scratch to finish. We also benefitted from Antasya outsourcing software engineers’ expertise. They made the whole experience enjoyable. The level of engagement in our project was great. They we extremely committed to making a successful product for us and they did it. Looking forward to working together again.


Supply Chain Planning Consultant