About Us

To create innovative digital products we go beyond our limits

and take on challenges.


Antasya is a software development company with headquarters in the Netherlands and Turkey that specialises in providing customised technology solutions to organisations all over the world. We have a strong team of tech savvy high qualified software engineers, who create finest mobile and web apps development.

Trusted by 100+ leading businesses


Antasya accelerates your digital transformation, scalability and competitive advantage.   

We are not simply aimed at delivering and accomplishing great products, we go above and beyond at creating positive workplace and ambiance people would like to belong to.


Alongside prioritising distinctive technologies and providing efficient solutions all over the world, Antasya as a team is doing its best to exceed every customer’s expectations in every particular field of interest.

Our 4 Core Principles

Everything we create and work on is based on four core principles.

Personal Growth

"Métro, boulot, dodo!" Absolutely, no. We believe in equilibrium of professional responsibilities and personal life.


We are investing in education of our staff to encourage their personal and professional growth, applying performance reward and recognition system.


After making a commitment, we are aimed at sustaining bilateral relations with our partners towards a prosperous partnership.

Social Responsibility

Antasya works hard to promote and ensure well-being of society with the help of innovative customised digital software solutions.


We make your dreams digital reality. 

Antasya moves towards innovation and improvement via integrating smart solutions to people’s lives.   


Antasya develops technology to create a better and smarter environment around us. Antasya is on a good path and keeps going forward.



Our Values


We are committed to hire talented efficient IT experts from different cultural backgrounds.


We constantly monitor and revise our systems and working processes to ensure that any tiny problem is resolved in time in the smartest way.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We are aware of innovation being a product of collective genius, therefore, our creative solutions are the result of collaborative problem-solving style.


We are leaders in IT sector of Turkey, because we simply love what we do. We are passionate to positively impact and improve every field we work in.


We are honoured by the positive feedback we receive from our clients.


Antasya has been building trust with its partners for a long time. It is our daily commitment to be precisely clear and transparent. Along with great teamwork it bears fruit.

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More than 100+ leading companies relied on Antasya and benefitted from our strategic software solutions.

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We had a pleasure of working with them in December 2020. They not only met our needs, but exceeded our expectations by developing a complex software product from scratch to finish. We also benefitted from Antasya outsourcing software engineers’ expertise. They made the whole experience enjoyable. The level of engagement in our project was great. They we extremely committed to making a successful product for us and they did it. Looking forward to working together again.


Supply Chain Planning Consultant