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Edu Ant is the upper title of the comprehensive solutions we have developed on education systems as Antasya. Educational softwares arising from the combination of academic know-how and our software expertise have provided advanced and skilful solutions to the market.

Edu Ant solutions are the most comprehensive campus management system in Turkey. It is the only solution in Turkey that includes and integrates Student Information Management System, Central Exam System, Learning Management System, Medical Faculty Information System, Online Exam System.

EduAnt solutions cover every aspect of school life from kindergarten to university graduation. Relevant modules also serve for the post-school period.

The market it is addressing is not just an educational institution, it offers the ideal services for every institution with educational activities in it.

It is easy for the academicians to enter the student grades according to the exams, to compare the results by evaluating the different exam systems, to arrange the exam passing rate by parameters according to the success rate of the exam, to send the grades over the system, SMS or announcements to the students.


  • In designing EduAnt SIMS not our qualified technical expertice played part but we've also included our academic experince. Therefore the requirements of Management, Academicians and Students have have been well analized and the solutions have been met in the system.
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strong>EduAnt Learning Management System (LMS)is a dynamic system in which courses can be administered and exams can be carried out online.


Limitless number of lessons can be defined, lesson contents or interactive content could be added to the defined lessons without any limitation or constraint with EduAnt LMS . The purpose of the system can be summarized as:

  • Gathering and managing the content from a single center,
  • Simplifying the education process,
  • Close tracking the development and learning of the student,
  • Offering limitless access to content if desired,
  • Being easy to learn with its simple and plain structure,
  • Beiing able to make instant evaluations.

Edu Ant Central Exam System is a single solution in its field considering the capabilities and functions it has. It has all the necessary hardware and features for educational institutions to perform systematically, centrally and reliably their exams with a large number of students

With the system modules, all necessary operations are carried out through the EduAnt platform during the exam, before or after the exam.

  • In the process of preparing the exam, the examination questions are managed in a centralized system, the questions are prepared easily, the related questions are organized and the question pool is developed. It allows dynamic creation of the question booklet.
  • Dozens of documents can be withdrawn in the system in the same standard as ÖSYM. All documents required for the labelling, boxing, keeping of minutes and similar processes of the examinations in an institutional order are produced by the system.
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It is a platform in which the school and parents participate in complementary ways during the children's development stage.

EduAnt My Kid's Memo FEATURES
  • It is a platform for raising the success of our students, informing their individual development to the parents, getting answers to the questions raised by the parents and for them to convey ideas and suggestions to the school management.
  • If you are aiming for a successful preschool education, we must use a platform that includes the parents, emphasizes and gives importance to family education.
  • It is a software platform where the families are informed about the pupil's activities in school via mobile, tablet and web
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