Smart Vehicle Smart Fleet Smart Stop TransAnt ERP


TransAnt Smart Vehicle PC Software System, developed for industrial vehicle PC, consists of functions such as the vocal and visual communication of the driver and fleet management center, passenger information and announcement system, management of trip and driver duties, tracking vehicle location and much more

Based on the trip plans that are transferred to the Vehicle PC daily, the navigation system displays bus stops and other important information to the driver on a map. The driver is able to easily access the route information.

The management of the smart objects (passenger count system, tire pressure measurement, camera system, digital display system) can be done easily.

The auto control and notice function checks if the vehicle gears are working properly during the boot of the vehicle PC and sends a warning to the fleet management center and the driver if necessary. Communication from fleet management center can be done in mass to all drivers or to specific groups rather then to call each driver separately with the vocal communication function.

Predetermined tariffs can be shown in the monitor and the driver will be offered an option to chose. Therefore flexibility is obtained for using different tariffs. Automated trip starter is an important component for minimizing driver mistakes.


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